Woking GC- hole 8Woking GC- hole 8 

 Woking GC was formed in 1893 and was the first of the courses built in the London Heathlands.

The course was designed by Tom Dunn, and has had little change since it was built.

However in the early 1900's the head of the greens committee added two bunkers to the middle of the fairway on the 4th hole forcing players to make a decision as to line and length.

It is considered to be one of the first strategic holes in English golf.

Woking really is a lovely heathland course with an old world feel.

The course is routed through rolling terrain, with the fairways carved out of the woodlands.

The bunkering is impressive and with the heather in bloom and the occasional burn or lake in play, Woking is as pretty as a picture!

Interestingly Woking is a 2 ball club meaning members predominantly play in twos- thus limiting the number of golfers that play each hour

The by product of this is quick golf, and less members...

The homely looking clubhouse has a delightful verandah area complete with vines- and this is located immediately adjacent to the 14th green.

It is so close that it is an everyday occurence for errant shots to end up on the verandah, or even through the verandah into adjacent rooms of the clubhouse.

AND such territory is deemed still in play!

This results in some entertainment for both players and those in the bar

I believe the roof of the bar also used to be in play, and a ladder was providedto enable players to locate and play their ball.

Highballs are served in the verandah area!


Notable holes include:

  • the par 4 fourth hole with railway running parallel, and strategic bunkers centre of fairway- placed there by the chairman of the green committee and said to be the first truly strategic hole in England



  • the delightful par 4 fifth with heather and bunkers defining the fairway
  • the par 4 sixth hole with burns, bunkers, and heather ensuring the road to the green is an adventure


Woking GC- hole 5Woking GC- hole 5

Woking GC- hole 6Woking GC- hole 6



  • the long par 4 eighth hole with impressive greenside bunkering ensuring it takes two strong shots to get home 



  • the par 5 fourteenth hole, framed by tall trees, and heather, and with the famous green abutting the clubhouse- it is interesting to play and looks fabulous


Woking GC- hole 14 green with clubhouse immediately adjacentWoking GC- hole 14 green with clubhouse immediately adjacent



  • the par 3 sixteenth, my favourite hole on the course- a shorter par 3 with wonderful bunkering, lake and pine treessurrounding an undulating green


Woking GC- hole 16Woking GC- hole 16


If I were to choose a club to join in London I think it might be Woking. It is a course to play over, and a delightful place to visit!


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