Streamsong Red- hole 1                              Streamsong Red- hole 1  

Mosaic is a large fertiliser company that mined phosphate in Florida

The company was looking to repurpose the land after mining and opted to use the sandy wasteland as golf courses.

The Streamsong Resort opened in 2012 with courses by Coore Crenshaw and Tom Doak, adding a third course by Gil Hanse a few years later.

The courses are named Streamsong Red (Coore Crenshaw), Streamsong Blue (Tom Doak), and Streamsong Black (Gil Hanse)


The Red Course was designed by Coore Crenshaw- one of the outstanding golf architectural firms in the world.

I love their courses!

And at Streamsong they had a perfect canvass to create something special, with sand dunes and water aplenty.

I thought the front nine holes were very interesting with a combination of long par 4's I just could not reach in regulation (hole 1), water carries on 5 tee shots, a really fascinating short par 4 (hole 9) with a very tricky green, some picture postcard par 3's, and pretty interesting green complexes.


It was a delight to play, but very challenging!

I am usually a straight hitter but here I hit the fairway bunkers a number of times.

We thought that perhaps the front nine was too tight off the tee- with water, and rough to negotiate and a lot of bunker 'fingers' reaching into the landing areas.

If it were a little more lenient off the tee I think it would be regarded as a very good nine holes...


Streamsong Red- hole 18                               Streamsong Red- hole 18


But the back nine on the Red Course had a totally different feel.

It is BIG- long and wide.


Forward tees may make the greens reachable, but not more interesting because the fairways are HUGE -  and quite the opposite of the front nine.


Notable holes include:


- hole 1, a long, strong attractive par 4 opening hole (see pic top of page)

- hole 3, a ripping par 4 with water and dunes dominating the view off the tee


 Streamsong Red- hole 3                              Streamsong Red- hole 3


- hole 4, a delightful short par 4

- hole 5, a short par 4 and classic 'Cape hole'


Streamsong Red- hole 5                               Streamsong Red- hole 5


- hole 7, a par 5 with water in play down the left

- hole 16, a dramatic par 3 over water


Streamsong Red- hole 16                               Streamsong Red- hole 16


Streamsong Red is a tale of two nines- a world class front nine through dramatic dunes and water- and a longer, wider back nine that fails to engage to the same level


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