Remember those crazy golf calendars from 20 years ago?

Well you will when you play Wolf Creek in Mesquite, Nevada!

Wolf Creek is located in the desert some 75miles from the strip in Las Vegas - it is quite a journey to get there.

The land is most inhospitable - barren hills and canyons exposed to strong winds - all in the middle of nowhere.

Yet brothers Dennis and John Ryder sculpted something from less than nothing in 2000 when they designed Wolf Creek GC.

Wolf Creek is ridiculous!

It is the craziest golf course I have ever seen or played.

But it is great fun - at some stages the tee is 100 ft above the fairway....

The course winds it's way through, over, up and down a succession of canyons and hills with tees, fairways and greens often placed in the most unlikely places.

First time players climb to crazy tees and locate a sliver of fairway and laugh in delight at the incredulity of it all. The course is exposed and we played in strong winds - it made judging the length of those elevated tee shots nigh on impossible.

Our rounds as a two ball in the middle of groups of 4 took 5 hours 15 minutes...

But it would be hard to do better - such is the challenge for the visiting golfer.

The environment is so tough the course cart paths need to be replaced every 5 years or so - they are the steepest, most dangerous cart paths I've seen....

However Wolf Creek is an amazing place to play golf - everyone should let their hair down and play this course once in their lifetimes - it is that crazy you will never forget it.

The challenges from the tee keep coming each hole - I have to hit it there???- you say..

You have to hand it to the Ryder brothers - they have been very creative in routing this course. I will never forget the tee shots on holes like 2 and 5 where you are so far above the fairway and have to pick a line and a length and then just launch your drive into space.

The pictures don't really do Wolf Creek justice.

You have to play it, experience it.

You most definitely won't come away disappointed


April 2013


Wolf Creek Par 3 Wolf Creek PW Wolf Creek high course view


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