Sand Valley Resort- Mammoth Dunes- hole 6Sand Valley Resort- Mammoth Dunes- hole 6


Mike Keiser's journey from recycled greeting cards to Golf Resorts is well documented.

In my opinion his 'Bandon Dunes Resort is the best golf resort in the world'

In recent years the Keiser family has added to their golfing portfolio with a new development at Sand Valley in Wisconsin

In undulating sandy terrain perfect for golf Sand Valley Resort is treading a similar path to Bandon Dunes.

At Bandon the first course was designed by David McLay Kidd, the second by Tom Doak, the third by Coore & Crenshaw, who also added a par 3 course

At Sand Valley the first course was by Coore & Crenshaw, who also added a par 3 course, and David McLay Kidd and Tom Doak added Mammoth Dunes and Sedge Valley respectively

So the Keisers are sticking to a winning formula!

And why wouldn't you?





Mammoth Dunes


Mammoth Dunes was designed by David McLay Kidd and opened for play in 2018

The course features vast expanses of exposed sand, wide fairways and big greens.

The contouring around the greens in particular can be very forgiving and it is popular with the punters


Sand Valley Resort- Mammoth Dunes courseSand Valley Resort- Mammoth Dunes course 


Mammoth Dunes is well named.

The landscape of dunes is something to behold.

The movement in the landscape is beyond big- it is mammoth!


David McLay Kidd has fashioned a course in scale with it’s surrounds.

There are huge expanses of exposed sand and bunkers delineating the lines of play.

A player has to constantly plot their way around the hazards.

 There are decisions to be made each hole. 

Nevertheless there is plenty of verdant green fairway to play to. 


Mammoth Dunes- hole 10Mammoth Dunes- hole 10


The greens are extremely large and offer different pin positions that can significantly affect a players tactics and the playability of the hole.

It is a course to be played over- preferably with different tees and pin positions

Great fun!






Notable holes include:


 Hole 6, a short par 4 that encourages players to take on the hazards at their peril. The large boomerang shaped green offers a diverse range of pin positions that completely change the approach..


Mammoth Dunes- hole 6Mammoth Dunes- hole 6

Mammoth Dunes- hole 6 boomerang greenMammoth Dunes- hole 6 boomerang green



Hole 7, a really interesting par 5!


Mammoth Dunes- hole 7 tee shotMammoth Dunes- hole 7 tee shot


Mammoth Dunes- hole 7 approachMammoth Dunes- hole 7 approach

Mammoth Dunes- hole 7 greenside bunkerMammoth Dunes- hole 7 greenside bunker



Hole 8, a unique par 3


Mammoth Dunes- hole 8Mammoth Dunes- hole 8


Hole 10, a dramatic short par 4 with a green perched on top of the hill and heavily protected by a plethora of deep bunkers (see pic mid page)


Hole 13, a dramatic short par 3 with an elevated green surrounded by trouble


Mammoth Dunes- hole 13Mammoth Dunes- hole 13


Hole 18, a rollicking final hole with sand in play for the journey..


Mammoth Dunes- hole 18Mammoth Dunes- hole 18 

To quote the architect (David McLay Kidd):


'Mammoth Dunes is intended to engender confidence, reward bold, agressive play and offer the chance of recovery.

I dare you to take the tight lines, read the ground contours, and work the ball to your will, have fun!'


Highly recommended!



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