Lawsonia (Links)- hole 15Lawsonia (Links)- hole 15


Lawsonia (Links) is a very interesting links like course in rural Wisconsin.

It was designed by Langford & Moreau and opened for play in 1930.

The Links and it's sister course (Woodlands) are the centrepiece of a real estate development overlooking Green Lake in Central Wisconsin.


William Langford's design apparently borrows from blueprints of the great open championship holes, but it was not always obvious to me.

Theodore Moreau was obviously adept at moving the dirt around to create a compelling golfing landscape.

Over time the site became cluttered with trees, but a clearing program in 2000 returned the site to it's links like landscape.

More recently the club has initiated an ongoing bunker restoration program.


Lawsonia (Links)- hole 11Lawsonia (Links)- hole 11


 The landscape is naturally quite undulating so golfers are guaranteed to play from uphill, downhill and sidehill lies as a matter of course.

For me the fairway bunkers were a defining feature.

Most holes had at least a couple of bunkers projecting out into lines of play.

They are angled so as to force a decision from players.

One end of the bunker requires a significantly longer carry than the other, but it is a little bit deceptive.

Players need to pick their lines carefully!

Each of the bunkers is backed by a grassed mound which presumably contains the earth dug out to create the bunker.

It is a recurring theme and instantly identifies the course.


A number of the greens are elevated and heavily bunkered, with steep drop offs.

Some greens have bunkers almost all the way around the green.

It makes for exciting golf!


Notable holes include:



- Hole 6, a long downhill par which demands decisions on line and carry for both the tee shot and approach


Lawsonia (Links)- hole 6Lawsonia (Links)- hole 6

Lawsonia (Links)- hole 6 approachLawsonia (Links)- hole 6 approach



- Hole 7, a world class mid length par 3 to a green with huge drop offs short and right


Lawsonia (Links)- hole 7Lawsonia (Links)- hole 7


- Hole 8, a shorter dogleg par 4 with a tough tee shot and lovely raised green complex


Lawsonia (Links)- hole 8Lawsonia (Links)- hole 8 


- Hole 14, ‘pop up’ par 3 where missing the green is just not an option 


Lawsonia (Links)- hole 14Lawsonia (Links)- hole 14


 Lawsonia (Links) is a classic old course with some spectacular holes.

It is open to the public and relatively inexpensive to play.

We stoppped there en route to Sand Valley.

With two good courses Lawsonia is a stopover worthy of consideration.

You will enjoy playing the Links .

We did!



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