Masters 2013


The Masters in all it's glory!

You need to be a 'bloody' good golfer to play Augusta during The Masters week. Great precision is required in pitching, chipping and putting on those greens - you can't really appreciate this watching on TV - you need to come and see it for real. For us average golfers, we could occassionally hit fairways, and possibly greens - but stopping the ball on those greens would be a huge huge challenge for us. 

Yes, these guys are really good!

The Masters- the little green chair!

The Masters is extremely organised - the long queues for refreshments, Masters memorabilia, or the facilities move quickly and efficiently.

The food and drinks are cheap , but come prepared for a limited Southern menu: cheese or egg sandwich, peach icecream sandwich, iced sweet tea ...

And the crowd all know the etiquette at The Masters - no need for those "quiet please" signs - no one runs, or gets loud, or misbehaves for fear or losing their ticket and being ousted. It is all very genteel.

And no corporate boxes, or priority seating - everyone gets to put down their green chair and noone else will move it or touch it - and then those standing behind can all see.

It just works beautifully...

 Reflections on The Masters

And then when the course is full with players and spectators, the roars start coming from all corners of the property.... it sends a chill down your spine!

You would appreciate that the Americans are very patriotic, with USA flags everywhere, and the US players given a rousing reception. Some of the US players like Phil , and Freddy are 'rock stars' - they have that charisma, speak well, are confident, and have the crowds flocking to watch them.

We are Aussies are no less supportive of our men, but in a quieter way. However we had 4 great ambassadors in 2013 with Senden, Day, Leishman & Scott. They all did us proud.

Adam Scott's win was one for the ages, and will inspire others to follow suit.

We were so excited and proud of his effort...

We can now expect The Aussies to do well at The Masters the next few years.

The Masters is a unique world sporting event - nothing else comes close.

Already I am excited about next year!!


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