Pronghorn Resort- Fazio Course

 Pronghorn Resort- Fazio Course- hole 8Pronghorn Resort- Fazio Course- hole 8


The Pronghorn Resort is located outside the bustling town of Bend in Central Oregon.

Named after the long horned antelope that range the property Pronghorn has a unique setting. This particular part of the high desert in Central Oregon has a vast lava base, and is home to the second biggest forest of Juniper trees in the world. Throw in a dry sandy base with sagebrush at every turn, and snow capped mountains as a backdrop- and you have a stunning location for outdoor activities, including golf, skiiing, bike riding and fishing.

Pronghorn opened in 2004 when Jack Nicklaus completed the appropriately named Nicklaus course. Two years later the Fazio course opened.

It is a handy combo!


The Fazio Course

Pronghorn Resort- Fazio Course- hole 4Pronghorn Resort- Fazio Course- hole 4

When I thought of Tom Fazio course designs, I thought of  attractive green manicured courses with white splash bunkers...

I must admit his course at Pronghorn has changed my perpsective. This course is built to fit the terrain, and although nicely maintained has a rough, rugged presentation perfect for this environment. It is a thoughtful design where players are asked to make decisions, but know the course will reward  good choices and decent execution.

It is very playable, and a joy to play.

And there are some outstanding golf holes- holes that you will want to play over...


They include:

- the par 3 fourth hole with acres of sand (see mid page)

- the par 4 sixth with creek running through the centre of the hole and along the right side of the green- it's a wonderfully unique hole

Pronghorn Resort- Fazio course- hole 6 appraochPronghorn Resort- Fazio course- hole 6 appraoch

- the par 3 eighth 'lava tube' hole * (see top of page)

- the par 5 eighteenth hole with event island in the water hazard protecting the left side of the fairway

Pronghorn Resort- Fazio course- hole 18Pronghorn Resort- Fazio course- hole 18


* There is a story about the buillding of the eighth hole where Tom Fazio after choosing the green and tee sites wanted to blast some lava out of the front section of the green area to open it up. In doing so, a great hole emerged revealing a significant lava tube running across the front of the green. That lava tube is now a feature of the hole and can be entered by the curious who can explore quite a way down the tube if they can handle the cold and dark...


The Fazio Course is a gem, and was my favourite course in Central Oregon.

Travelling Golfers should note that the Fazio course is a private members course and not generally available for green fees, although some opportunities to play may become available by arrangement for groups staying on premises


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