Les Bordes GC- The Wild Piglet

 Les Bordes GC- Wild Piglet, hole 3 'Biarritz'Les Bordes GC- Wild Piglet, hole 3 'Biarritz'




It is has been said that 'the pen is mightier than the sword'.

At Les Bordes perhaps it might be 'the mighty pen begat the sward'.

Baron Marcel von Bich was the man behind the famous Bic pens.

The Baron was also the driving force behind the creation of a private golfing esate in France's Loire Valley which was named Les Bordes.


American Robert von Hagge designed the Old Course at Les Bordes, which opened for play in 1986.

It was a beautifully conditioned, very private golfing enclave.


However after the Baron's demise in 1994, the club lost direction for many years.

In 2018 new owners took over and Les Bordes became a private and very excusive club.

Gil Hanse was engaged to build a second course.

The appropriately named New Course has a distinctly linksy feel to it, contrasting perfectly with the parkland style of the Old Course.

Hanse also created a unique 10 hole par 3 course called 'The Wild Piglet'.







Notable holes include:


- hole 3 (Biarritz) is quite a unique hole. Yes, it has a biarritz green, but the totally blind tee shot from a teeing ground in the bushes is quite amusing!


Les Bordes GC- Wild Piglet, hole 3 'Biarritz'Les Bordes GC- Wild Piglet, hole 3 'Biarritz'

Les Bordes GC- Wild Piglet ,hole 3 green 'Biarritz'Les Bordes GC- Wild Piglet ,hole 3 green 'Biarritz'



- hole 4 (Doughnut) is a short par with a bunker in the middle of the green (similar to hole 6 at Riviera)


 Les Bordes GC- Wild Piglet, hole 4 'Doughnut'Les Bordes GC- Wild Piglet, hole 4 'Doughnut'


- hole 6 (Blazing Saddles) has two complimentary features- a significant ridge or saddle running through the green connecting to a large artistic bunker.


Les Bordes GC Wild Piglet hole 6a Blazing Saddles


- hole 9 (Rolling Stone) is at 57 yards from the back tee a very short hole. The designers have a grin on their faces as they offer the option of rolling the ball to the flag rather than pitching..


Les Bordes GC- Wild Piglet, hole 9 'Rolling Stone'Les Bordes GC- Wild Piglet, hole 9 'Rolling Stone' 


The Wild Piglet requires some serious shot making at times, and some creative thinking.

But most of all it is just great fun to play.




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