Miyazaki Lakeside GC

Miyazaki Lakeside GC- hole 2Miyazaki Lakeside GC- hole 2

 Miyazaki Lakeside GC was designed by golf architect Takifuji, who also deisgned Ibaraki Royal Country Club.

Miyazaki Lakeside opened for play on 2 April, 1991, and is open to the public.


The course takes you on a rollicking ride through some beautiful Japanese parkland.

Whilst the thick forest frames many of the holes, the variety of golfing experiences is never ending..

The journey takes you up and down and all around..


Miyazaki Lakeside GC- hole 3Miyazaki Lakeside GC- hole 3


The water holes are memorable- hole 2 takes on the river and then a lake in front of the green, hole 3 skirts around the water left, and then hole 4 is an all water carry to a nicely shaped green tucked into the landscape.

Water also plays a part on holes 10, 13, 14, 15 & 18.

Throughout the bunkering is strategic and attractive.

But for me the star attraction was the greens themselves- as a general statement they are huge and attractively shaped.

There are many viable pin positions in different arms of the greens- and the different pins on the day can significantly change the way you may wish to play the hole.

I was quite taken in by them.

A regular player at Miyazaki Lakeside would I think get great joy from getting to know and play these greens..


Another point of interest was the mode of travel from the 7th greendown to the 8th tee!


Miyazaki Lakeside GC- Going down!Miyazaki Lakeside GC- Going down!

Miyazaki Lakeside GC- looking back up..Miyazaki Lakeside GC- looking back up..



Notable holes include:


  • Hole 2, a spectacular  and demanding par 4 with two water carries. The first is the tee shot diagonally over a river, followed by an approach over a lake. (see tee shot top of page)


Miyazaki Lakeside GC- hole 2 approachMiyazaki Lakeside GC- hole 2 approach 


  • Hole 4, a delightful short par 3 over water to a green tucked into the hill


Miyazaki Lakeside GC- hole 4Miyazaki Lakeside GC- hole 4


  • Hole 8, another attractive par 3 over a ravine


Miyazaki Lakeside GC- hole 8Miyazaki Lakeside GC- hole 8


  • Hole 14, a demanding par 4 with water left for the long approach


Miyazaki Lakeside GC- hole 14 approachMiyazaki Lakeside GC- hole 14 approach


  • hole 15, a cracking longer par 3 over water


Miyazaki Lakeside GC- hole 15Miyazaki Lakeside GC- hole 15 


Miyazaki Lakeside is an outstanding and very much underrated course and certainly one of the best courses in the Miyazaki area.




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