Shiskine GC

Shiskine GC- holes 3 & 4Shiskine GC- holes 3 & 4

Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club was founded in 1896.

It was designed by Willie Fernie and was originally a nine hole course.

Just prior to World War One, Willie Park Jnr was engaged to revise the original nine holes and extend the course to a full eighteen holes.

Unfortunately during the war six of the new holes were ‘let go’, and have never been recovered- leaving Shiskine with just 12 holes..

Shiskine is located on the  picturesque western coast of the Isle of Arran. 

At first sight it certainly does not look like golfing land! 

The terrain is rocky and undulating and consequently offers all sorts of unique holes.

Blind shots are ‘the norm’ here both for tee and approach shots and sometimes both.

You really need to play it a few times to get the gist of it- but with only 12 holes that is not such an onerous proposition.

The most memorable holes are the par 3 third and fourth holes.

The third green (appropriately called Crow’s Nest) is perched on a  high cliff ledge- and I mean high!

You cannot see the green or the flag, so there is a marker to give you the line. 

 Unfortunately the marker on this hole is a tall flag.

If the flag is showing it is safe to hit.


Shiskine hole 3 the post on the right indicates line the flag on the left indicates safe to playShiskine GC- hole 3- the post on the right indicates line, the flag on the left indicates safe to play


Players take the flag out when they arrive at the green and replace it when they leave, to indicate to those following that they have completed the hole.

It is a safety precaution, which is great.

But if you don’t read the instructions by the tee, it is just natural thing to hit at the flag, which of course is entirely the wrong line and results in a lost ball.

That is what we did.

They were awesome shots we hit too!

Next time around we had it covered..


The fourth tee shot is from that same cliff ledge that is home to the third green.

It is a long drop shot to a green with a magnificent ocean backdrop.

It's a shot you can’t wait to play.


At Shiskine there are so many unusual, interesting holes..


Because of the number of blind shots, Shiskine has a number of ’safety mechanisms’ to advise players when those ahead have cleared the green and it is safe to hit.

These mechanisms are just a little ‘left of centre’, and add to the whole experience of playing Shiskine..

There is another ripper on hole 7!




Once you get the feel for Shiskine and know where you are going, you begin to appreciate how much fun this course is- it draws you in.

Sure, it is short and quirky- but it is a drop dead gorgeous site with a unique golfing experience that is both interesting and engaging to play.



 Notable holes include:


- hole 3 (Crow's Nest) , a dramatic short up hill par 3 to a green on a mountain ledge. It is a blind shot with a post indicating line.

- hole 4 (The Shelf), a steeply downhill par 3 from the same mountain ledge to a green with a beach backdrop


Shiskine GC- hole 3 green & hole 4 teeShiskine GC- hole 3 green & hole 4 tee


- hole 5 (The Point), a long par 3 over an inlet and along the beach


Shiskine- hole 5 Shiskine- hole 5


Shiskine GC- hole 5 from the oceanShiskine GC- hole 5 from the ocean


- hole 6 (Shore Hole), a short par 4 over wildly undulating ground to a lovely punchbowl type green.


Shiskine GC- hole 6Shiskine GC- hole 6


- hole 7 (Himalayas), a mid length par 3 over a dune and along the beach.



Shiskine GC- hole 7Shiskine GC- hole 7


Shiskine is twelve holes of outrageous golfing fun.

It has blind shots, quirky holes, and spectacular scenery.

And with lots of par 3's and short par 4's it equates to quick enjoyable rounds.

Play it twice to get to know the lay of the land and I defy you to not enjoy yourself!


Shiskine is a Travelling Golfer must play!




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