Loch Palm GC- hole 14Loch Palm GC- hole 14


Loch Palm GC


Loch Palm Golf Course is centrally located in Phuket, 30 minutes from Phuket International airport, and just 15 minutes away from the world famous beach areas.
The course is part of the Tin Mine Golf & Country Club, and was designed by Dr Sukitti Klangvisai.
From the 16th century until the early 1990's, tin mining was a major source of revenue for Phuket, and the site of the Tin Mine Golf & Country Club was once the site of Phuket's largest open-cast tin mine.
Now the Country Club includes a gated residential estate, a variety of sports and leisure amenities, and two pretty decent golf courses.
The first of the golf courses was Loch Palm which opened in 1993, followed by Red Mountain Golf Course which dates from 2007.


Loch Palm GC- Hole 1Loch Palm GC- Hole 1 


Although not in the class of Red Mountain, Loch Palm is a good quality course with plenty of interesting holes.

Given it is named Loch Palm it is no surprise to see the course routed around a large lake, and dotted with palm trees.

But Dr K did a pretty good job of using the lake and the occasional creek to keep players on their toes.


On the front nine in particular the water hazards come into play a lot with the lake cutting in and across the gently rolling fairways.

The  par 5, 2nd hole is a good example as it wraps around the lake edge..


Loch Palm GC- hole 5 aerialLoch Palm GC- hole 5 aerial


The back nine at times heads away from the lake into more undulating territory, and these holes are framed with jungle.

But water is ever present with creeks and ponds placed to catch the errant ball.


Loch Palm is not a championship course, and whilst it is not groomed to the standard of red Mountain, the playing surfaces are in good condition and a pleasure to play.

The course however will provide a fair challenge to all levels of golfer, and in my opinion would serve as an ideal warm up round for a golf trip to Phuket.



Loch Palm GC- hole 16Loch Palm GC- hole 16

Loch Palm GC- hole 2Loch Palm GC- hole 2




Combined with Red Mountain, the courses at Blue Canyon, and Laguna Phuket, Loch Palm makes Phuket a quality golfing destination worthy of international travel.


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