Eindhovensche Golf

 Eindhoven GC- clubhouseEindhoven GC- clubhouse


Dating from 1930, Eindhoven was designed by Harry Colt, and is one of the famous ‘Old Nine’ courses that for so long defined golf in The Netherlands

Eindhoven is a heathland course and plays through dense forest with a rolling sand base- perfect for golf.

The course is eminently walkable as there is little elevation change of consequence- just rumpled fairways framed by heather, bunkers and lots of trees!


The clubhouse is a classic! It has a traditional thatched roof that instantly identifies the property


Eindhoven has hosted a number of championships over the years including 6 Dutch Opens, and is currently regarded as one of  the top 5 courses in The Netherlands


Our group had perfect golfing weather- warm and sunny- and enjoyed the course immensely


Notable holes include:


  • hole 2, a short par 4 that demands a decision off the tee
  • hole 3, a mid length par 3 in a glorious heathland setting


Eindhoven GC-  hole 2Eindhoven GC- hole 2

Eindhoven GC- hole 3Eindhoven GC- hole 3



  • hole 11, an uphill par 3 to a semi blind green protected by bunkers and mounds
  • hole 13, a short dogleg par 4 with the tightest of tee shots


Eindhoven GC- hole 11Eindhoven GC- hole 11

Eindhoven GC- hole 13Eindhoven GC- hole 13



  • hole 16, a nice par 3 with a breathtaking background- the view over the lake to the clubhouse is gorgeous!
  • hole 17, a winding par 5 which demands a decision for the 2nd shot when water and trees threaten..
  • hole 18, a strong par finishing hole with the magnificent clubhouse as a background


Eindhoven GC- hole 16Eindhoven GC- hole 16

Eindhoven GC- hole 17Eindhoven GC- hole 17

Eindhoven GC- hole 18Eindhoven GC- hole 18



Eindhoven is a must for any golfing tour of The Netherlands.

And whilst the land does not have the same movement as de Pan, it is neverthess a lovely site for golf and a quality course 


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