Ko'olau GC- hole 15Ko'olau GC- hole 15 

Located just a short drive from Waikiki Beach, Ko'olau Golf Club is a must play golf experience for all Travelling Golfers.

Designed by Dick Nugent in spectacular terrain, the course opened for play in 1992


Your first stop will be the spacious clubhouse (and conference rooms), which are shared with the local church who is the landowner.

It's an unusual arrangement, but it works


Due to it's location in the mountains the course is subject to more than it's share of rainfall, and the course can get a tad damp at times.


It is routed through a tropical jungle and has significant elevation changes throughout.

With long carries off some tees, and tight fairways framed by completely unplayable jungle rough, Ko'olau is not for the faint hearted


Ko'olau GC- hole 16 greenKo'olau GC- hole 16 green 

Nevertheless it is a rollicking, and at times wild ride through what I consider to be the Jurassic Park of golf

While these holes can beat you up, they can also provide you a roller coaster ride of exciting, fascinating golf


I loved it




Notable holes include:


- the dogleg par 4 third hole

- the turning twisting dropping par 4 tenth hole with green tucked around the corner and well below the fairway level and set in it’s own dell


Ko'olau GC- hole 10Ko'olau GC- hole 10


- the par 3 thirteenth

- the short par 4 fourteenth hole


Ko'olau GC- hole 13Ko'olau GC- hole 13

Ko'olau GC- holes 13 (foreground) and 14 (background)Ko'olau GC- holes 13 (foreground) and 14 (background) 



- the par fifteenth with epic mountain backdrop (see pic top of page)

- the majestic twisting par 5 sixteenth with pond protecting the green ( see pic mid page)

- the rolling final hole- a par 4 with significant carries off the tee and for the approach, and a lovely green setting across the creek from the clubhouse


Ko'olau GC- hole 18 approachKo'olau GC- hole 18 approach

Ko'olau GC- hole 18 green high viewKo'olau GC- hole 18 green high view 



Ko'olau can sometime present poorly with maintenance levels affected by the high rainfall, and heavy cloud cover

The course itself can be unforgiving and unrelenting, and you will probably lose balls- but it is an unforgettable experience, and one you will likely want to repeat.

You won't ever forget Ko'olau GC!



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