How to play a golf hole (as the architect intended)


Join us as the architects themselves explain how these famous holes are designed to be played


1. The Barwon Heads GC, Australia (with Paul Mogford)

The Barwon Heads GC- hole 14


Lead architect Paul Mogford from Crafter + Mogford Golf Strategies explains the strategic plays for the par 5 fourteenth hole





2. St Andrews Beach GC, Australia (with Tom Doak)


St Andrews Beach GC- hole 14St Andrews Beach GC- hole 14 

Tom Doak explains the strategies for playing the short par 4 fourteenth hole at St Andrews Beach





3. Brautarholt GC, Iceland (with Edwin Roald)


Brautarholt GC- hole 3Brautarholt GC- hole 3


Edwin Roald explains the strategies behind the short par 4, third hole at Brautarholt GC in Iceland