Point Hardy GC- hole 8 looking backPoint Hardy GC- hole 8 looking back


Point Hardy Golf Club on Saint Lucia is a project by the Cabot group led by Ben Cowan- Dewer and Mike Keiser.

They developed Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs in Nova Scotia.

The course at Point Hardy was designed by legendary architects Coore & Crenshaw

Point Hardy has more ocean carries and more elevation change than any course I can recall.

The scenery is magnificent, and the course itself is a series of dramatic acts up and down through the dunes and along the coast.

It is quite challenging to play and will take most two or three plays minimum to acclimatise..

Golfers will need to know, or work out, just how far they carry the ball.

And depending on the wind on the day the ability to flight the ball will be important.


We had two young caddies assisting us through our round.

 I was in awe of how they advised on club selection, line of play, carry etc in the circumstances.

The four of us playing all had different skills and execution, yet the caddies coped admirably.

Point Hardy is a course that should be played more than once for golfers to really get an appreciation for just how good the course is.

Because there is so much elevation change throughout the course a player can expect quite a number of blind shots.

But on repeat plays and with the assistance of the whizz kid caddies, a player gets to know where he or she is going.

They can better picture what is required to overcome the wind and elevation change.

Plus the trajectory and required carry on key shots..

Then the fun begins!



The cliff side holes are quite striking and are of course particularly exposed.

But on a second or third attempt the player should have a feel for the shot required..

It really is quite exhilarating to play, and I would love to go back

Point Hardy is set up as a cart course (it would be a tough walk).

But there are some nice surprises up in 'them there hills', with well stocked comfort stations exceeding all expectations…


Notable Holes include:


- Hole 6, a downhill par four through the dunes to a green on the coastline.



- Hole 7, a short par 3 to an exposed promontory green


Point Hardy GC hole 7Point Hardy GC- hole 7


- hole 8, a short par 4 on the coast with a massive carry over the briney with the tee shot


Point Hardy GC hole 8 tee shotPoint Hardy GC- hole 8 tee shot


- Hole 9, a shortish downhill par 3 with a green eight on the coast 


Point Hardy GC hole 9Point Hardy GC- hole 9


- Hole 15, a short exciting par 4 with men teeing of at beach level, hitting up over the cliffs to an unseen fairway.

  The key is to get the correct line and carry off the tee to leave you an approach to a pretty green perched high.


Point Hardy GC hole 15 mens tee3Point Hardy GC- hole 15 mens tee




Point Hardy GC hole 15 green2Point Hardy GC- hole 15 green 


- Hole 16, an epic long par 3 that calls for an all ocean carry from tee to green (see pic top of page)


Point Hardy GC hole 16bPoint Hardy GC- hole 16



- Hole 17, an even longer par over water from an elevated tee. The high back tee calls for judgement of carry & wind, and precise execution


Point Hardy GC hole 17Point Hardy GC- hole 17



- Hole 18, a lovely par 5 finishing hole 


IMG 9978Point Hardy GC- hole 18 approach



Point Hardy is one of the more exciting courses I have played.

The ocean holes in particular are exhilirating to play and look a treat.

Point Hardy is a private members club.

At that the time of writing there were only 80 members- so getting a game here is going to be a rare treat. 



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