Morfontaine- Grand Parcours

Morfontaine clubhouseMorfontaine clubhouse 



In 1913 the Duke of Guiche organised a 6 hole course for the pleasure of his friends and himself in a park in Valliere.

The project was obviously a success!

In time the Duke engaged Tom Simpson to redesign the course and extend it to nine holes.

It became known as the Valliere course

The Duke went on to formalise the Golf Club in 1927.

He again then engaged Tom Simpson- this time to design the new 18 hole hole course known as Le Grand Parcours.

Some changes have taken place to the two courses since, with a new hole introduced and hole sequences changing..



Located in thick forest north of Paris, Morfontaine traverses some undulating heathland seemingly perfect for golf.

Tom Simpson did a grand job in routing the courses at Morfontaine, as the holes look very natural in their settings

It is not a particularly long course, and although mature pine trees frame the fairways, most holes have plenty of width off the tee. 

The greens are generous and nicely contoured with some nice variation on pin positions. 

It is however, the green side bunkering that sorts out the chicken from the eggs!

The bunkering is varied to suit the site on each hole, and is strategically sound.

In my opinion it takes both courses at Morfontaine to another level.

The short par 5, fifth hole on Valliere is a perfect example of how the bunkering ‘makes’ the hole, taking a tree lined turning fairway and adding a number of fairway and greenside bunkers to liven up the journey...



Morfontaine- Valliere, hole 5 approachMorfontaine- Valliere, hole 5 approach

Morfontaine- Valliere, hole 5 approach2Morfontaine- Valliere, hole 5 approach2



I also thought the quality of the par 3’s as a collective (both courses) was next level!

It is no wonder that Morfontaine’s Grand Parcours has been regarded the best course in Continental Europe for the longest time. 

And some will argue that the nine hole Valliere course is in the same league.



Notable holes include:


- hole 2, a long, flattish par 3 to a green amply protected with bunkers and rough

- hole 4, a mid legth par 3 to a very well bunkered green


Morfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 2 greenMorfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 2 green 

Morfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 4Morfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 4



- hole 5, a short dogleg par 4 with character. The tee shot must carry rocks and long crass to get to the fairway.


Morfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 5Morfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 5


- hole 11, an attractive par 3 tucked in the trees. The tee shot is all carry over heather and long grass.


Morfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 11Morfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 11


- hole 12, a long, strong straightaway par 5


Morfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 12Morfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 12

Morfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 12 greenMorfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 12 green



- hole 13, a unique short par 3 with a large tree dominating the lines of attack.


Morfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 13Morfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 13


- hole 17, a slightly uphill mid length par 3 with a green seemingly surrounded by a moat of sand!


Morfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 17Morfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 17

Morfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 17 greenMorfontaine- Grand Parcours, hole 17 green




Morfontaine is a private club.

Guests might play at the invitation of a member.

If you get an opportunity to visit Morfontaine, don’t let it pass.

It’s an experience you won’t forget..



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