Harewood GC- 11th teeHarewood GC- 11th tee 



Located adjacent to Christchurch airport, Harewood Golf Club dates from 1923 when a keen group of local golfers came together to form the club.

The course they put together takes advantage of some gently undulating sandy terrain dominated by pine trees.

However the club struggled financially and folded in the 1930's and the land was subsequently used for army defence training during World War Two.

In 1956 Ray Blank, one of the original members, was instrumental in reviving the club again.

And then the club purchased another 100 acres of land and opened a second 18 hole course in 1967 designed by Commander John Harris.


Harewood GC- 13th greenHarewood GC- 13th green

Harewood GC- 12th greenHarewood GC- 12th green 

Harewood GC- 11th greenHarewood GC- 11th green 



Over 40 years later the neighbouring airport desperately needed more land, and Harewood sold much of the land home to 'the Harris course' and used the funds to implement a serious upgrade to the original Woodlands course (Old Course)

Architects Turner McPherson reworked all tees and greens and re routed the first five holes- added bunkers, and removed a lot of trees and opened the course up. The revitalised Old course opened for play in 2012 and it is the movement in the greens that have attracted the most comment.


 Notable holes include:


Holes 1-6 impressed me. They have a lovely linksy feel- the fairways have the rumple reminscent of UK golf, and the new greens have enough movement to really get your attention.

While I did not find some of the flatter, tree lined holes as interesting-  the new green complexes were consistently entertaining.


Harewood GC- 14th greenHarewood GC- 14th green

Harewood is not as photogenic as Clearwater, and Terrace Downs but it really is a fun course to play.

It is a gentle walk, but there is premium on thinking your ball around this unassuming course

While I am sure it's charms will be overlooked by some, I think it is a lovely addition to any Travelling Golfer's itinerary


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