Wainui GC

Wainui GC-  hole 18Wainui GC- hole 18

 Peninsula Golf Club dates from 1956, but members took up an offer by a local developer to swap their tight little home grown course near Red Beach for a brand new championship course at Wainui nearly a decade ago. Designed by Puddicombe Golf the new Wainui GC opened in late 2016 to positive reviews.

The course its nestled in the hills and valleys about 45 mins north of Auckland. In ways it very much reminds me of the St John course at The Heritage G & CC, in Australia's Yarra Valley- with similar terrain, pines and bunkering.

Wainui GC-  hole 5Wainui GC- hole 5

It is not until you get out on the course that you notice the interesting and quirky holes. I liked the course immediately, particularly because there were golf holes the like of which I had not really seen before. Some were a little offbeat, slighty quirky, but great fun to play.

Wainui GC-  hole 13Wainui GC- hole 13

And back to back par 5's- holes 13 & 14- standout as two of the better holes on the course.

Wainui GC-  hole 14Wainui GC- hole 14


For the average golfer, this would certainly be the most testing of the main four Auckland courses- mainly due to the accuracy required on shots required over ditches, in between and around trees, and over and in between water hazards.

The better golfer will enjoy the course and its surrounds whereas the lesser skilled player may find it challenging, but all golfers will enjoy the experience immensely.

Wainui GC should be included in every golfing trip to the Auckland area



report by Rory Wood

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