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The American ClubThe American Club 

The American Club

Kohler Co is an American manufacturing company best known for it's plumbing products.

The company was founded by John Michael Kohler in 1873.

In 1900 the company set up the village of Kohler as a model company town for employees, many who came from overseas to work.

Central to the town of Kohler was The American Club which opened in 1918 as a showpiece for the immigrants to live, eat, & learn The American way.

Over time these workers assimilated into society and moved out to their own premises.

By 1978 it was time to repurpose the main building and Kohler refurbished the building extensively for 3 years before reopening it as a luxury accommodation provider.

Hence The American Club was reborn as an elegant resort...


With Herb Kohler now in charge golf was introduced to the resort.

In 1988 Blackwolf Run's River course was the first of four Pete Dye courses to open at The American Club, followed by The Meadow Valleys course in 1990.

Whistling Straits and The Irish followed in 1998 and 2000 respectively. The Baths at Blackwolf Run was added in 2021



Blackwolf Run hosted the U.S. Womens Open in 1998 and 2012, and The Andersen Consulting World Championships from 1995-1997.

The Straits course at Whistling Straits hosted the U.S.A PGA championships in 2004, 2010, and 2017 and The Ryder Cup in 2021


Whistling Straits- Straits Course- hole 17Whistling Straits- Straits Course- hole 17

Whistling Straits- The Irish- hole 6 Whistling Straits- The Irish- hole 6



Blackwolf Run- The River course- hole 13Blackwolf Run- The River course- hole 13

Blackwolf Run- Meadow Valleys course- hole 14Blackwolf Run- Meadow Valleys course- hole 14



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