Island of the Gods!

Nirwana Bali Golf Club

Bali is a popular holiday destination for so many reasons- the easy going nature of the Balinese people, value for money holidays, warm weather, golden beaches... the list goes on!

But is it a worthwhile golfing destination?

Emphatically yes is the answer, but it does depend on what sort of golfing holiday you seek.

The island has 4 courses, all of which have some claim to fame:

1. Nirwana Bali Golf Resort is a Travelling Golfer 'MUST PLAY' and worth travelling to experience.

2. Similarly the newly renovated Bali National GC is a spectacular golfing adventure waiting to happen, and also rated a "MUST PLAY'.

Bali National GC

3. New Kuta GC is conveniently located near Nusa Dua and is also a good course for those looking for a further game. It does not however rate compared to the previous courses.

New Kuta GC

4. Bali Handara GC was once regarded as one of the top 50 courses in the world, and is a totally different experience being sited in the crater of a dormant volcano in Bali's northern highlands. But these days the course is a little tired, maintenance standards are not quite so sharp and it is a long drive from southern accommodation. It makes for an interesting day, but for the dedicated golfer only!


At The Travelling Golfer  we will tailor your Bali experience to suit you. Visit Ubud, shop in Seminyak, and we will find a hotel placed and priced to your requirements.

From time to time we will offer hosted trips, and group packages that included stays at Bali playing Nirwana Bali and Bali National.