Long Reef GC- hole 16Long Reef GC- hole 16


Long Reef Golf Club was founded in 1921 as a nine hole course.

It was extended to eighteen holes, and revised by Dan Soutar in 1931.

Long Reef occupies a prime piece of real estate in Collaroy- overlooking the northern beaches..

 The golf course is completely and utterly exposed to the conditions.

The links like course has rich kikuyu fairways, so it will never really play like the championship links courses do.

The golf ball does not run out, and chipping off kikuyu is an acquired skill.


Long Reef GC- hole 1Long Reef GC- hole 1

A number of the greens are raised, so the skilled player needs to nip the chips and pitches, rather than play a bump’n’run.

Even without the wind quite a number of holes play long- uphill and with comparatively little roll.

You need to be fit to walk Long Reef in the wind- quite a number of holes play up and down a central hill- and if a north easterly is blowing you will know it.

At times the lines of play are not immediately obvious for the first time player- I thoughtthe course layout was a bit higgledy piggedly!

But there are also some lovely holes with wonderful views of the coastline as a backdrop.



Notable holes include:



- hole 1, a gentle opening par 5 with a burn in play left (see pic mid page)

- hole 5, a short par 4 with water and bunkers theatening the tee shot


Long Reef GC-hole 5 teeLong Reef GC-hole 5 tee

Long Reef GC- hole 5 approachLong Reef GC- hole 5 approach



- hole 6, a short par 4 protected by water in front of the green


Long Reef GC- hole 6Long Reef GC- hole 6


- hole 7, a mid length par 3 over water


Long Reef GC- hole 7Long Reef GC- hole 7


- hole 13, a lovely short par 3


Long Reef GC- hole 13Long Reef GC- hole 13


- hole 16, a downhill par 4 with sea views (see pic top of page)

- hole 17, a longer par 4 along the beach


Long Reef GC- hole 17Long Reef GC- hole 17


- hole 18, a mid length par 4.. 


Long Reef GC- hole 18Long Reef GC- hole 18


In the end of the day Long Reef is a public access course and a pretty decent one, so locals are fortunate indeed.



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