Common Ground GC

Common Ground GC- clubhouseCommon Ground GC- clubhouse 

Dating from 1972, Mira Vista Golf Club operated on the land now occupied by Common Ground GC. 

The state golfing authorities in Colorado acquired the property and developed it as a community facility in 2009

Colorado lucked out when Tom Doak jumped at the chance to be involved:


Common Ground GC- Tom Doak message


Doak and his team completely redesigned the facility adding practice areas and a nine hole short course as a place for the younger generation to learn the game of golf.

And they made radical changes to the look and feel of the golf course- taking out trees and opening up the course.


Doak has made his name building some of the best courses in the world in pure links terrain.

While the land at Common Ground didn't have the same potential, they have introduced some pretty cool green complexes and bunkering- raising the status of the course substantially.


Each year Tom Doak hosts a tournament (The Renaissance Cup) at one of his more recently completed courses, and I was fortunate enough to be invited to the 2010 event at Common Ground.

My partner that year was Hollywood director Michael Robin, a good golfer and a real gentleman.

Over a couple days in October we played a number of matches and got to know Common Ground pretty well

And it is a really nice place to play golf!


Common Ground GCCommon Ground GC


Common Ground is not going to crack the top 100 charts anytime soon- that was not Doak's brief.

It was designed as a community pay and play and as a place for the younger generation to learn the game.

And the end result is a credit to all involved.


Notable holes include:


- the long par 4 fourth hole

- the sweet little par 3 sixth hole on the water

- the strong par 4 ninth hole


Common Ground GCCommon Ground GC

Common Ground GolfCommon Ground Golf



- the par 5  eleventh hole along the water

- the difficult par 3 fourteenth hole

- the strong par 3 seventeenth hole

- the par 5 eighteenth hole


Common Ground Golf CourseCommon Ground Golf Course


Common Ground is a quality golf course and fun to play



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