The Beanie Charity Tournament- TBA

Beanie 2019Bonville Beanie 2019

 The Beanie Charity Event


Since 2004 The Travelling Golfer has been running a charity golf tournament for the benefit of breast cancer research.

Over they years we gather 80 passionate golfers at one of Australia's best golfing destinations to have some fun and raise much needed funds.

Our venues have been popular: King Island, Barnbougle, Bonville Resort, Frankston GC & Victoria GC..


King Island Beanie 2017King Island Beanie 2017


Some years it is a 3 day event and other times just a single day- it all depends on the chosen venue

Each year we have a theme, and whilst we started out with crazy beanies and headwear, we have graduated to wigs and best dressed pairs


Barnbougle Beanie 2010 hatsBarnbougle Beanie 2010 hats

Barnbougle Beanie 2007Barnbougle Beanie 2007



But the emphasis is on having some fun and making a contribution to Professor Robyn Anderson's research at ONJ Cancer & Wellness Centre

We have been successful in assisting with the purchase of equipment and funding researchers wages- and we have certainly had some fun along the way..

Where will the next Beanie Event be staged?

Stay tuned..


Barnbougle Beanie 2010Barnbougle Beanie 2010