Shanqin Bay GC hole 18 approach2Shanqin Bay GC- hole 18 approach


Shanqin Bay Golf Club is a private members club set in undulating land right on the coastline in Hainan Island, China.

The course was designed by legendary architects Coore & Crenshaw and completed in 2004.

Since opening the course has been regarded as one of the top 100 courses in the world by Golf Magazine USA.


Shanqin Bay GC- hospitality hutShanqin Bay GC- hospitality hut


The combination of beach and sea views, mountains and cliffs, is one of the grandest settings in world golf.

The undulating terrain promotes a variety of dramatic holes one after the other.

Fortified walls and ruins from old miltary posts and thick jungle like vegetation add to the drama.

The views are stunning!


Golf carts are the sensible mode of transport when playing Shanqin Bay, with the wonderful bevy of caddies helping golfers get the most out of their golfing experience.

The site is perhaps a tad too steep for some to walk the course.

An added attraction are the two halfway huts where an extensive array of treats await..


Shanqin Bay GC- Heather & caddieShanqin Bay GC- Heather & caddie


We played the course twice and appreciated the course even more the second time around.

The conditioning of the course is pretty much as good as it gets- kudos to superintendent Jonathan Wall and his team.

Manager Joey Garon has put together an impressive team that runs like a well oiled machine.

All up, Shanqin Bay is something special on the world golfing scene.




Notable Holes include:


Hole 3, a fun downhill par 3 with a slick green on a similar camber. Do not go long!


Shanqin Bay GC- hole 3Shanqin Bay GC- hole 3




- Hole 6, a long strong par 4 with water to carry with the tee shot and along the left of the fairway


Shanqin Bay GC- hole 6, PW teeShanqin Bay GC- hole 6, PW tee


Hole 8, a drop dead gorgeous natural par 3 right on the beach


Shanqin Bay GC- hole 8dShanqin Bay GC- hole 8



Hole 11, a long par to a beautifully bunkered green which best accepts balls hit with a fade short left


Shanqin Bay GC hole 11 teeShanqin Bay GC- hole 11 tee 


Hole 15, a real championship hole- a long par 4 down and up to a green with sea background.


Shanqin Bay GC- hole 15Shanqin Bay GC- hole 15


Hole 16, a gorgeous downhill short par 4 to a green with a picture perfect position and sea background


Shanqin Bay GC- hole 16 group picShanqin Bay GC- hole 16 group pic



Hole 17, another short par 4 to a green in a valley defended by a number of dramatic bunkers.. The green has its own defences!


Shanqin Bay GC- hole 17Shanqin Bay GC- hole 17


Hole 18, another shortish par , making it three in a row to finish the round. The tee shot will need to take off some of the inside corner (consisting of old walls and thick rough) to hit the fairway close enough to nail the approach to a picturesque raised final green (see pic top of page).


Shanqin Bay GC- hole 18 approach Shanqin Bay GC- hole 18 approach


Shanqin Bay is one of Golf Magazine's top 100 courses in the world, so our expectations were high when we journeyed to Hainan Island to see the course.

The site is gorgeous with an undulating topography right on the coastline.

Architects Coore & Crenshaw are undoubtably one of the top couple of design firms in the world and at Shanqin Bay have produced an endlessly interesting course that demands repeat plays.

The course is in magnificent shape with the slick firm greens a highlight.


Shanqin Bay is a private members course and not available to the general public.



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