The Hawaiian islands



Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian islands, and known as 'The Valley Isle' because when the island was formed from two adjacent volcanos the lower land between the two formed a distinct valley which divides the island. 

Maui is a very popular holiday destination and was voted 'best island' by Conde Nast Travel readers for 20 years..

Little wonder- the weather is largely stable, warm, with light breezes- all year around!

While the commercial hub of Maui is the centrally located city of Kahului where the airport, and sea port are located, the main tourist areas tend to be along the west coast from Kapalua, and Ka'anapali on the north west coast to Lahaina mid west to Kihei and Wailea on the south west coast. In particular the small port town of Lahaina has real appeal offering a plethora of ocean going experiences, the old town shopping precinct, and some quality dining options as well. Kihei annd Wailea are blessed with relatively protected micro climates making them ideal for all  manner of outdoor activity

The Beach at Wailea

Some sports are particular popular in Maui: Snorkeling, Windsurfing, Surfing, Kiteboarding and kitesurfing..

And then there is the golf!

Golf in Maui



Maui is perfect for a golfing holiday!

Warm weather, light breezes, good golf, and all the requisite facilities to ensure a good time is had by by the golfer and non golfing partners- what more could you want?.

At the time of writing there are 15 golf courses on Maui- 3 private, 7 resort, 1 municipal, and 4 public access courses. However it is likely that the sole municipal course ( Waiehu ) will soon close.

Kapalua- Bay Course- looking back from green to teeKapalua- Bay Course- looking back from green to tee

The courses at Kapalua and Wailea are generally the starting point for any golfing trip to Maui, but depending on the length of your intended stay on Maui, and where you rest your head at night we might be able to organise a game at the private King Kamehameha Club, or  suggest you play Kahuli Golf Course, or the courses at Ka'anapali. For further information on the golf courses please click on the links:

1. Kapalua- Plantation Course

2. Kapalua- Bay Course

3. Wailea- Gold Course

4. Wailea- Emerald Course

5. Wailea- Blue Course

6. Royal Ka'anapali

7. Ka'anapali Kai

8. The King Kamehameha Club

9. Kahili

And for any golfing trips to Maui consideration should be given to a visit to Lana'i to play Lana'i Golf, Manele. Stay a few days at the glorious Four Seasons hotel, or we may just be able to organise a day trip!



For further information on golf trips to Maui & Lana'i please enquire here: