Legacy Golf Links- hole 1Legacy Golf Links- hole 1 

Legacy Golf Links is located in Aberdeen in the Sandhills near Pinehurst Resort, North Carolina.

The course was designed by Jack Nicklaus Jnr- in fact it was his first original design- and opened for play in 1991.

The course is routed through rolling sand hills heavily vegetated with Longleaf Pines.


After an opening tee shot over water the first four holes are pleasant but unremarkable- with wide fairways framed by the pines, and fairway bunkering largely unseen of the tee.

However the par 3 fifth hole grabs your attention!

Playing a mid to short iron downhill to a cleverly contoured green hugging the edge of the lake, no 5 is a gorgeous looking hole.


Legacy Golf Links- hole 5Legacy Golf Links- hole 5

Legacy Golf Links- hole 5 greenLegacy Golf Links- hole 5 green



Hole 8 introduces a tighter tee shot framed by pines each side of a rise.

Our successful tee shots bounded down the fairway on the other side leaving us with a short iron over a wasteland of sand to a green tucked into the hillside.

It was an interesting hole.


Legacy Golf Links- hole 8Legacy Golf Links- hole 8


Hole nine was a longer par 3 playing over water, and again a good looking hole, and a testing one.

The back nine starts with a longer par 4 with a tee shot diagonally over the water, and then another strong and striking looking par 3 at hole no 11- again playing over water.

The par 3 holes in general were outstanding.


Legacy Golf Links- hole 9Legacy Golf Links- hole 9


Legacy Golf Links- hole 10Legacy Golf Links- hole 10

Legacy Golf Links- hole 11Legacy Golf Links- hole 11




The back nine was generally more interesting than the first and covers more rolling terrain with significantly more water in play.

I thought the par 5's on the back nine- the thirteenth hole with green on the water, and the sixteenth with creek and pond in play for the approach were both good holes


Legacy Golf Links- hole 13Legacy Golf Links- hole 13

Legacy Golf Links- hole 16Legacy Golf Links- hole 16



Hole 17 is another strong par 3


Legacy Golf Links- hole 17Legacy Golf Links- hole 17


The big finish is hole 18, nicknamed 'The Bear'.

It is a longer par 4 with an all water carry approach shot to a green angling away to the right.

It is a very difficult hole, and regarded as the strongest finishing hole in the Pinehurst area.


Legacy Golf Links- hole 18Legacy Golf Links- hole 18


The personal service, and course maintenance at Legacy were outstanding, and after a slowish start the course impressed.

No wonder as it was rated in the top 25 public access courses in the USA by Golfweek in 2009.

If you are heading to Pinehurst or The Sandhills of Nth Carolina for a golfing trip, Legacy Golf Links could be a nice addition to your itinerary


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Legacy Golf Links can be played as part of The Travelling Golfer tours to the Pinehurst area. 

If you are interested in playing Legacy Golf Links, or a tour to the Pinehurst area, The Travelling Golfer can tailor a package for your group.

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