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There is no better way to get a feel for the merits of playing a course than to see it on one of our videos!

Also included are tour videos, classic golf movies, tips from our in house golf coach, AND Fantastic Golf Holes..

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Fantastic Golf Holes & where to find them

Join us as we journey through some of the special golf holes all over the world


How to play a golf hole (as the architect intended)

Hear the architect explain the strategies behind the famous holes 


The Top 15

Join us as we explore the best of the best in golf


Tour Trailers

The absolute best way to remember our fabulous adventures around the world is in our short movie trailers...


Golf Course Trailers

Check out our comprehensive video library when planning your next trip 


Tim Wood Videos

PGA Professional Tim Wood provides some footage from his playing days, some trick shots, and some golf instruction video as well...


Miscellaneous Videos

Over the years of golf and travel we collect footage which doesn't neatly fit into other categories...



Compelling viewing as our reporters talk golf...


Classic Golf Movies

Golfing movies from the golden age to present..


The Travelling Golfer Promotional Videos

A collection of our own promo trailers