Laguna Lang Co- hole 8Laguna Lang Co- hole 9

 The Golf Coast, Vietnam

Course Designer: Nick Faldo

Course Overview

It was a warm sunny Sunday at the end of November and we rose early to drive through the city of Danang on our way north to Lang Co.

Our destination was the brand new Laguna Lang Co Resort with it's Nick Faldo course.

The resort was not quite ready for the public when we arrived - the first 2 hotels in the complex are 3 months from opening, and the course was yet to officially open.

But what a set up!


Laguna Lang Co will eventually comprise 7 luxury hotels as well as the golf course and spa and other facilities.

The resort is located right on a glorious beach with pride of place given to the hotels (rather than the golf course).

We were given a guided tour of some of the resort- The renowned Banyan Tree spa, and the beach side villas which comprise the Banyan Tree resort.

We also visited the Angsana resort next door- surrounded by swimming pools winding in all directions...

Needless to say our next stay at Laguna will include a stay on site!


Laguna Lang Co- Hole 11Laguna Lang Co- Hole 11

The Faldo course was interesting.

It offers a completely different golf experience to Montgomerie Links and Danang GC.

Built in sand by the sea, only one hole approaches the coastline- and in the early days the sea/beach was not a feature.

It is a 'jungle course'- where many of the holes weave their way through dense vegetation.

Some holes at the start and finish of the round emerge into paddy fields..

The course is located in a valley between some sharply featured mountains and these shapes are mimicked in the course architecture- none more so than the par 3 5th hole with it's 'chocolate drop' surrounds.


Laguna Lang Co- hole 5Laguna Lang Co- hole 5

I particularly liked some of the 'jungle' holes in the middle of the round.


The par 3 8th hole was the stand out hole in my opinion with the green sitting up, beautifully framed by the vegetation- but with an imposing sandy waste to carry..(see Pic top of page)


The infrastructure is very impressive - whether it be the perpetually winding cart paths, or the multitude of bridges, creeks & lakes.

I have no doubt it is one of the most visually striking courses in Asia.

However Laguna will not be an easy course to score well on- particularly on first playing!

Many holes have hazards bisecting the fairways- and tight landing areas.

You will need to be reasonably accurate and know where you are going- or have a great rapport with your caddy for the day...


At Laguna Lang Co, the caddies are delightful!At Laguna Lang Co, the caddies are delightful!


And the greens offer no respite with some false fronts, and plenty of movement.

After the round we had lunch by the beach and decided we really had better go back again and stay a little longer in order to provide a comprehensive report for our clientele.

The Travelling Golfer prides themselves on being thorough, after all


(Since this report was written we have indeed returned on a number of occassions to play Laguna Lang Co. The course has matured well. The 9th hole is now opened up to the beach, and more changes are on the way..Laguna Lang Co is a fabulous golfing destination in it's own right!)


Laguna Lang Co- hole 9Laguna Lang Co- hole 9

Accommodation & Dining


While there are many places to stay in Danang, only an our hour away, I would encourage you to consider staying at Laguna Lang Co for a few days.

Already there are two lovely accommodation options- the classy Angsana, or the upmarket Banyan Tree.

Both are located right on the beach and have multiple dining options.

But for something special head to Saffron restaurant at Banyan Tree.

It is a lovely place to be..


Laguna Lang Co- hole 18Laguna Lang Co- hole 18




While in Laguna Lang Co take a half day tour of historic Hue

Golf in the area


Combine Laguna Lang Co with golf at Montgomerie Links, Ba Na Hills GC,  and Danang GC for a delightful quality golfing destination.


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For itinerary suggestions see Great Golf Destinations: Vietnam- The Golf Coast (Danang)



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