Seaton Carew GC

Seaton Carew- an industrial landscapeSeaton Carew- an industrial landscape 



Seaton Carew GC was formed in 1874 as the 10th oldest course in England and one of the first fifty in the world.

Initially it was known as Durham & Yorkshire GC, with the name changing to Seaton Carew GC in 1887.

It was initially a 14 hole course with 4 more holes added in 1891.

The driving force for the formation of the club and the original design of the course was a Dr Duncan McCuaig- he is remembered through the outstanding par 3 hole known as ’the doctor’.

The course has undertaken a number of changes since.

In the 1920’s Dr Alister MacKenzie added new holes in newly formed dunes on the seaward side of the course.

Frank Pennink was engaged in the 1970’s to add four more holes in the dunes, as the club feared it might lose it’s four most southerly holes.

But in the end of the day, this did not happen- so the club has 22 holes!

Seaton Carew has used the 22 holes to create a variety of course layouts.

The Old Course comprises of the original 18 holes routed by Dr MacKenzie.

The Brabazon at 6920 yards is regarded as the championship course

Another oft used combination of holes is known as Micklem and at 6594 yards it is a stern test of golfing ability.

In total there are five different layouts in use by the club, so you really need to pay attention to which tee you head to after putting out- there are lots of choices and it can be easy to miss the signs..



Seaton Carew GC sign



We played the MacKenzie course and  thought it was a course with it’s own unique character. 

Although understated, the low lying dunescape by the sea is a perfect site for good golf.

At 6603 yards it is not overly long, but each hole is strategically on point.


Because of the relatively low profile of the undulations, photos of the course just don’t do it justice.

And the industrial backdrop is somewhat unusual for a quality links course.

But in my view it just gives there course a rugged character all on it’s own..



Notable holes include:


- Rocket, the opening hole is a short par 4 with a lovely green & bunker complex. It's a nice way to start.


Seaton & Carew- 'Rocket' approachSeaton & Carew- 'Rocket' approach


- Doctor, a strong par 3 to a raised green surrounded by deep cavernous bunkers. Par is a good effort here. It's a memorable hole! 


Seaton & Carew- 'Doctor'Seaton & Carew- 'Doctor'



- 'Dunes', a mid length par 4 with another lovely green & bunker complex tucked in the dunes


Seaton & Carew- 'Dunes' tee shotSeaton & Carew- 'Dunes' tee shot

Seaton & Carew- 'Dunes' approachSeaton & Carew- 'Dunes' approach



- 'Road', a shorter dogleg par 4 with a memorable approach through dunes and fairways bunkers and rolling terrain.


Seaton & Carew- 'Road' approachSeaton & Carew- 'Road' approach


- 'Snag', a longer par 4 to an elevated split level green. It's a challenging hole.


Seaton & Carew- hole Snag approachSeaton & Carew- hole Snag approach 


I enjoyed playing Seaton Carew. 

In moderate conditions it was a joy to plot my way around a links course with such sound fundamentals.

And I found the industrial background made it more memorable, if not aesthetically pleasing..



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