Red Mountain GC- hole 18Red Mountain GC- hole 18


Red Mountain GC


Red Mountain Golf Course is centrally located in Phuket, 30 minutes from Phuket International airport, and just 15 minutes away from the world famous beach areas.

The course is part of the Tin Mine Golf & Country Club, and is a Jonathan Morrow and Al Tikkanen design.

From the 16th century until the early 1990's, tin mining was a major source of revenue for Phuket, and the site of the Tin Mine Golf & Country Club was once the site of Phuket's largest open-cast tin mine.

Now the Country Club includes a gated residential estate, a variety of sports and leisure amenities, and two pretty decent golf courses.

The first of the golf courses was Loch Palm which opened in 1993, but the game changer is Red Mountain Golf Course which dates from 2007.

Sculpted into the rugged rock terrain, Red Mountain GC is a quality design in magnificent surroundings.

Fairways twist this way and that, and are framed by bright red rock cliffs, thick jungle, and spectacular views.


Red Mountain GC- hole 9Red Mountain GC- hole 9

Red Mountain GC- hole 10 from clubhouseRed Mountain GC- hole 10 from clubhouse

Red Mountain GC- 18th fairway clubhouseRed Mountain GC- 18th fairway clubhouse



I love the way the course is routed- with each hole distinct from another- and unseen until you are on the tee.

Each hole grabs your attention and holds it until you putt out- and then another chapter in the book opens up on the next tee- it has you totally absorbed in the moment, but at the same time eager to see what is around the next corner!




The variety in the course is impressive.

The designers have used all of the resources the site offered, with plenty of water hazards, and significant elevation change adding to the drama.

But the course is not at all tricked up - just solid, strategic design in spectacular terrain.


Red Mountain GC- hole 13        Red Mountain GC- hole 13


Don't even think of walking this course- the combination of warm humid days and the ups and downs of this routing make walking an unattractive proposition.


Red Mountain GC- hole 14Red Mountain GC- hole 14


There are so many good holes at Red Mountain, it is hard to single out favourites.

But the first hole with its dramatic red cliff backdrop certainly sets the scene, and the driveable par four, sixteenth hole, and the 'drop shot' par 3 seventeenth have stayed in the memory banks!


Red Mountain GC- hole 5Red Mountain GC- hole 5


Red Mountain is a Travelling Golfer 'must play'.

Combine Red Mountain with Blue Canyon, Laguna Phuket and Loch Palm for a legitimate quality golfing destination.

The Travelling Golfer can assist in organising a trip to suit your time constraints and budget, and can include Phuket's famous sights as required.

Accommodation choices vary from budget to very, very nice!


Red Mountain GC- hole 17         Red Mountain GC- hole 17



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