Tobiano- hole 5 looking backTobiano- hole 5 looking back

Tobiano Golf Course is located just outside Kamloops in British Columbia. The course is set in desolate mountainous terrain abutting a large volume of water known as The Kamloops Lake reservoir.

The course opened in 2007, and was designed by Canadian architect Thomas McBroom who has fashioned an intimidating, exciting, picturesque course that twists and turns through the landscape challenging golfers with long carries over deep chasms, infinity greens overlooking the lake, and a routing that takes you off in all directions.

Tobiano (named after a multi coloured horse) is not really a walking course- to move from green to tee sometimes requires going down, up, through and around the gullies- so a cart is recommended.. 


Tobiano- hole 6Tobiano- hole 6


The whole experience reminds me a little of Wolf Creek near Las Vegas.

The course is beautifully maintained, and just great fun to play. But you must swallow your pride and play it off an appropriate tee. Play too far back and you will have a miserable day!

I thought Tobiano was quite wonderful, with a great combination of short and long par 4’s, playing with wind coming from different directions on different holes.

There are some absolutely world class holes, and very few weak links.

The course is quite challenging yet our group with diverse handicaps all loved it

Perhaps my only criticism is the forward ladies tee on the par 3 seventeenth hole- 58 metres? What were they thinking?

Notable holes include:


- the short , turning par 4 second hole

- the pretty par 3 third hole


Tobiano- hole 2Tobiano- hole 2

Tobiano- hole 3Tobiano- hole 3



- the long par 4 fifth hole with green in the gully


Tobiano- hole 5 markerTobiano- hole 5 marker

Tobiano- hole 5Tobiano- hole 5



- the demanding and attractive par 4 sixth hole with lake background (see pic above)

- the 'all or nothing' par 3 seventh hole over the chasm to a very shallow green. One of the scariest holes anywhere. The back tee is just ridiculous!


Tobiano- hole 7Tobiano- hole 7


- the par 5 eighth hole with long carry off the tee over a chasm, and then a rolling double dogleg to a skyline green


Tobiano GC- hole 8Tobiano GC- hole 8


- the par 3 twelfth hole

- the short par 4 fourteenth with skyline green


Tobiano- hole 12Tobiano- hole 12

Tobiano- hole 14Tobiano- hole 14



- the par 3 fifteenth with lake background

- the par 3 seventeenth with tee on one side of the gully and the green on a ledge on the other…


Tobiano hole 15Tobiano- hole 15

Tobiano- hole 17Tobiano- hole 17



Tobiano is a hoot to play.

It is the perfect spot to stop on trips through the Rocky Mountains moving from Whistler to Jasper.

And if you do stay on for dinner- the club put on a good meal.

Tobiano is a Travelling Golfer ‘must play’.

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