Musselburgh Links- The Oldest Golf CourseMusselburgh Links- The Oldest Golf Course


Musselburgh Links is known as the world's oldest playing golf course.

It is equally well known for the fact that the 9 hole course is located in the middle of a busy racecourse.

Ideally located on the outskirts of Edinburgh, and on the road to the iconic golfing destination of East Lothian, Musselburgh Links offers golfers a glimpse of golf's beginnings.

The Open Championship was played here 6 times between 1874 and 1889, so Musselburgh's place in history is assured

Back in the day they played the 9 hole loop four times in a day for the Claret Jug!


The course has changed little since those early days, so it is a wonderful chance for Travelling Golfers to 'go back in time' and experience the old course.

Even better is the fact that Musselburgh will hire out hickory clubs to enhance a truly unique golfing adventure.


Musselburgh Links- using the hickoriesMusselburgh Links- using the hickories


The course itself is modest compared to the modern Open courses, but holds it's own when played with hickories


Notable holes include:


- hole 1 (Home Hole), a 240 yd par 3 across the racetrack

- hole 2 (The Graves), a 348 yd par 4 in the middle of the racetrack


Musselburgh Links- hole 1Musselburgh Links- hole 1

Musselburgh Links- hole 2Musselburgh Links- hole 2



- hole 6 (The Table), a 326 yd par 4 which negotiates some undulating ground en route to a raised green


Musselburgh Links- hole 6Musselburgh Links- hole 6


- hole 7 (The Bathing Coach), a 479 yd par 5 that plays long with the hickories..

- hole 9 (The Gas), a 350 yd dog leg par 4 with a very well protected green


Musselburgh Links- hole 7Musselburgh Links- hole 7

Musselburgh Links- hole 9Musselburgh Links- hole 9



In my opinion playing Musselburgh Links with hickories is a great start to any golfing trip to Scotland, and should not be missed!


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Please note also that Musselburgh Old Links is an optional additional course to visit on The Open Rota Tour- a hosted golf tournament played over all of the current Open Championship courses




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