The walled city of TenbyThe Walled City of Tenby

Tenby Golf Club is located on the scenic Pembrokeshire coast, in southern Wales.

It has claims to be the oldest golf club in Wales, with golf having been played on the site since 1875.

A club was formed in 1888, originally with 9 holes.

James Braid redesigned the course, and extended it to 18 holes in 1907.


Tenby GC panoTenby GC pano


It doesn't take you long to realise you are in for a different type of experience when you arrive at Tenby.

We thought we might drop in for a quick lunch at the famous walled city of Tenby.

I suggest you allow quite a few hours.

Tenby is just a lovely old village, set on a really beautiful coastline.

When you do wind your way through the one way streets and find the entrance to the golf course it is a very tight laneway indeed you need to negotiate...


Tight is the operative word as you begin your round at Tenby.

The course has that old world feel, a feel you might pick up at say Prestwick.

The playing corridors in the first 4 holes are claustrophic, there are blind shots at every turn, and the actual cut fairways can be likened to country lanes, rather than 2 lane highways.


And where there are blind shots there are bells!


Tenby GC- the bell on hole 4Tenby- the bell on hole 4


The course is also intriguing, challenging, frustrating- and quite wonderful.


Hole 7 emerges from this amazing start to rolling linksland with more rural views.

The fairways are wider, and the golf is a little more relaxed.

This series of holes continues to hole 14, with each hole offering different challenges.


Tenby GC- hole 3 approachTenby GC- hole 3 approach


Along the way hole 9 takes you up on to an elevated tee where the views back toward the walled city of Tenby, and the island castle- and then over to the holy island of Caldey are spectacular..


Holes 15, 16 & 17 are played across the trainline, and are generally not regarded as being as strong as the rest of the course, but the long par 4 closing hole is a quality links hole.


Favourite holes include:


- Hole 1- (Danny Carew)-  a short par 5 with a very tight fairway. Did I mention the gorse? Hit it straight!

- Hole 4- (The Bell)- for each blind hole you need to ring a bell as you leave a hole to notify following groups it is safe to play. There are lots of bells at Tenby!

Hole 4 requires a good drive to go over the first big dune to the blind landing area. This will enable you to hit  the next blind shot over the dune in front of the green which is set in a little dell surrounded by bracken and gorse. It can be quite a long shot in, is completely blind, and needs to very accurate- good luck!


Tenby GC- hole 4 teeTenby GC- hole 4 tee

Tenby GC- hole 4 tee signTenby GC- hole 4 tee sign



Tenby GC- hole 4 approachTenby GC- hole 4 approach

Tenby GC- hole 4 greenTenby GC- hole 4 green


- Hole 9 (Monk's Way)- has one of the more picturesque teeing grounds I have seen- The hole is a longish dogleg par 4 to a green angled to the right and protected by a large dune.


Tenby GC- hole 9 teeTenby GC- hole 9 tee


- Hole 11 (Giltar)- just a lovely true links hole

- hole 12 (Y Ddau Gwm)- is a world class hole. It has an outstanding tee right on the beach with views back to the walled city...And the tabletop green is very impressive with big drop off to the front and right.

- Hole 18 (Charlie's Whiskers)- is a strong par 4 with a flattish green complex, but all the interest is created by the rolling dunes and dips 100 metres short of the green. The dunes partially block views of the green, and the dips hide a nasty pot bunker!


Tenby GC- hole 18 approachTenby GC- hole 18 approach


All in all Tenby is a bit if a step back in time to an unpretentious old links course by the sea.

Combine your game with a visit to the walled city and it makes for a memorable day


Tenby is a Travelling Golfer 'must play'


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