Vik GC- hole 4 greenVik GC- hole 4 green


Join us as we journey to the seaside town of Vik i Myrdal in Iceland.

Iceland is known as ‘the land of ice and fire”, and for good reason. Shaped by the extremes of nature, Iceland offers glaciers and snow side by side with hot geysers and black volcanic lava. Waterfalls abound, as do volcanic craters and lava caves…


The village of Vik is the southernmost village in Iceland, located on the main ring road around the coast.

It is the warmest place in Iceland, sited directly south of the Myrdalsjokull glacier- which itself sits atop the live Katla volcano.

Yes, this is the Land of Ice and Fire!


Vik is a popular tourist destination with many visitors coming to see the glacier, as well as the famed black beach, the puffin birds, the power of the sea at Dyraholey, and    of course the mighty Skogafoss waterfall…


Vik Golf Course is a relatively simple affair, with no airs and graces- but  it can be challenging all the same.

 With the wind howling some holes play long, and others are tight

And it's not often that you come across a par 6, but Vik GC's first hole is a 600 metre par 6- and into the wind it is a monster!

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Hole Four is a standout- a potentially driveable par 4- blind off the tee.

It is a world class hole in an amazing setting.

Trouble abounds!

Much of it unseen from the tee- but hit the short grass and you can enjoy a scenic walk, wondering "what was all the fuss about?"


Cliffs of basalt rock tower of the hole, dominating proceedings.

Stop a moment and take it all in- the cliffs, the birds, the sound of the sea- and a brilliant little golf hole...


It's a fantastic golf hole!



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