14. Barwon Heads GC- hole 13

Barwon Heads GC-  hole13: green aerialBarwon Heads GC- hole13: green aerial

Barwon Heads Golf Club is one of Australia’s premier old links courses located in sand dunes by the sea.
The old weatherboard clubhouse is instantly recognisable, and has provided classy accommodation for golfers since the 1920’s.

Undoubtably the best known hole at Barwon Heads is the short par 3 thirteenth hole. The tee shot from high on a dune usually only requires a short iron, and it’s all hang time as you approach the small green surrounded by dunes and valleys, bumps and hollows, dips and swales- but not one bunker!

You can take great pride if you hit and hold such a firm small target- particularly if the ever present wind turns it up a notch- but worry not if you miss…
You will probably have more fun anyway just trying to work out the recovery!


It's a fantastic golf hole!


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