27. Fantastic Golf Holes- Tobacco Rd GC, Nth Carolina- hole 11

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Join us as we journey to The Sandhills of Nth Carolina in the USA

Tobacco Road was built in an old sand quarry on land once cultivated by tobacco farmers

The designer Mike Strantz was voted one 'the top 10 golf architects of all time' by Golfweek magazine in the year 2000.

Unfortunately he died of cancer 5 years later, having completed only 9 courses

But it is Tobacco Rd that will be regarded as his legacy, and rightfully so!


Strantz was an artist who became a golf architect, and his dramatic design includes blind shots, wild greens and impressive bunkering.

Strantz's artistic bent is evident in everything about Tobacco Rd- the rustic look of the course, clubhouse, island tees, myriad of paths leading off through the dunes, bunkers, farm equipment tee markers- everything contributes to the look and feel of Tobacco Rd.


Golf at Tobacco Rd is a roller coaster of thrilling shots, gorgeous vistas and a series of unique challenging holes that lift the bar for the fun factor in golf..


Tobacco Rd is one out of the box!

Expect to be challenged on every hole.

Expect to make mistakes and be penalised.

Expect to love every minute of your day on the links


There are so many great holes at Tobacco Rd, and one of our favourites is the 531 yd par 5 eleventh hole that arcs around a deep sand pit.

Here the player must make decisions on every shot.

Vast expanses of sand dominate the scenery for the length of the hole.

The fairway is wide off the tee, but pinches in as it goes.

A safe drive away from the sand will inevitably bring a large tree in the middle of the fairway into play for the second shot.

However a slightly more daring drive to the right of the fairway and nearer the sand will leave clear passage past the tree.

This in turn gives the player options!


The longer player will be tempted to carry the sand all the way to the elevated green chasing an eagle.

It is a tempting proposition, but a challenging shot.

The strategic player will simply play for position left leaving a short iron to the rolling green

It's a birdie hole if you know your limitations and play to them!


Hole 11 exhibits classic risk reward strategies, and is fun to play

It's a fantastic golf hole!


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