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 The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel                                                                                                                                            



If you are looking for a golfing "trip of a lifetime" , we think most of our trips would qualify!

  • All hosted golf tours are fully guided small group tours. We don't do large groups!
  • We provide experienced leaders who are passionate about what they do.
  • Your leader will be a "Travelling Golfer" - either a pro golfer or an experienced member of our team.
  • Trips can be based around iconic golfing events - majors like the Masters - or gaining access to the best courses in the world , or both.
  • Maximise the experience offered by the location with sightseeing activities - history, culture, adventure . Watch "We Take You Places" Youtube to see what our tours can offer.
  • Luxury hand picked accommodation tailored to the group
  • Gain access to private courses
  • Small groups mix well - lifelong friendships are made!


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June 2019: The Best of Ireland   sold out                                                                                                                                      

June/July 2019- Rocky Mountain Highs, Canada   sold out

July 2019: Central Europe Golf Tour   sold Out

October 2019: South Africa A Golfing Safari  sold out

October 2019: The Beanie Charity Golf Tournament at Bonville Resort NSW     Open for bookings - only a few places remain!




Feb: Spectacular New Zealand (with Rory) Open for bookings

March/April: Melbourne Sandbelt & Mornington Peninsula (with The Travelling Golfers) Open for bookings

April: The Masters (with Rory) Open for bookings

May: The Jewels of Vietnam (with Heather & Peter) Open for bookings

June: Kauai Golf Tour (with Heather & Peter)     Open for bookings

June : Italy Golf Tour (with Sue Semmens)    Open for bookings

July: Best of Ireland (with Ian Greenwood)  Open for bookings

July: Northern Scotland (with Ian Greenwood) Open for bookings

August: Women's British Open Tour (with Heather)   Open for bookings

August: East Lothian, Scotland (with John Wade)  Register your interest

August: The Rocky Mountains, Canada (with Sue Semmens) Register your interest

Sept: The Open Rota (with Rory)    Open for bookings

Oct: Japan Golf Tour  (with Heather & Peter)  Register your interest




February: Spectacular New Zealand! (with Rory) Register your interest

March/April: Sydney, Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula (with The Travelling Golfers) Register your interest

April: The Masters (with Ian Greenwood) Register your interest

April: The Masters (with Rory) Register your interest

June: France (with Sue Semmens) Register your interest

August: The Open Rota (with Stephen Jensen) Register your interest

September: The Open Rota (with Rory) Register your interest







Read what our clients say about their experiences with "The Travelling Golfer."





THe Travelling GolfersThe Travelling Golfers- Rory, Heather & Peter Wood

Peter and Heather have a wealth of experience in all facets of golf and golf touring.
"Our tours are known for the fabulous golf courses we can access, high quality accommodation, and variety of experiences that a particular destination can provide. One of the most important factor in the success of our tours is the camraderie of the people who join us. Golf is the common theme, but we have fun together, and lasting friendships are made.

Peter Wood... The Travelling Golfer"




The Travelling Golfer can tailor a golf trip to suit your group. For further information please enquire here:



Watch our Youtube: "We Take You Places!" and see the range of places our tours go to. You'll be surprised!
And there is often more to our tours than just fantastic golf.




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